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My problem of Alopecia Areata started in July 2000. I went from doctor to doctor, (including specialists), trying to get some help, but with no success.

I was so desperate for some help that I asked everybody possible if they knew of someone that I could go and see who could help me with my problem.

In November 2000, out of desperation, I looked up Hair Loss in the Yellow Pages and found Dr Alexander’s Hair Loss Clinic’s number. I decided to take a chance and phoned the number. Dr Alexander was on hand to help me with my questions. I made an appointment with him immediately.

When I went to see Dr Alexander, he explained to me all about my condition and the treatment which he uses to treat patients with my type of problem. At that stage, I had almost no hair left.

I started with my treatment on the 22nd December 2000. After my fourth visit, just three weeks later, there was already a difference in my hair growth.

I highly recommend Dr Alexander’s treatment to any person that has a hair problem.

All my trust is in him. I am so happy to have found someone who has been able to help me and someone that knows how to treat my problem. Dr Alexander gave me hope and I believe 100% in Dr Alexander.

 I had seen so many doctors before and they had given me no hope of getting any hair back for at least a year. The money that I spent at these other doctors was a waste. If more people knew of Dr Alexander’s Hair Loss Clinic,  then I’m sure that less people would  waste their money on nonsense remedies and other doctors.

I do not need to say anything more. The evidence is there in the photographs which show just how well Dr Alexander’s treatment has helped me.