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In a matter of 3 years,Ive lost almost all the hair on my head.  I decided to investigate and try some of the hair loss options available in South Africa. I started with over-the-counter natural lotions, creams and shampoos and then moved onto a hair replacement procedure.  The creams and shampoos only took up time to apply and offered no results.  The hair replacement treatment was extremely expensive and the change was so drastic, it looked unnatural, on top of that, the monthly maintenance bill also made this option one that did not last long.
 I then heard about Dr Alexander and booked an appointment.During my first appointment, he clearly explained why men lose hair and that his treatment targeted the cause of hair loss.
Being determined to restore my hair to its previous state, I started treatment and was greatly pleased with Dr Alexander's rates and the reasonable pricing of the products prescribed.  With Dr Alexander being a qualified, registered medical doctor, I knew the treatment would be highly ethical and that he was bound by the medical oath.
I stuck to the routine and visited Dr Alexander every 3 months for a progress check-up.  Within 3 months, the hair growth was phenomenal!  Where I once had thin hair, my scalp was less visible and strong new hair had grown back.  Even better, it was MY OWN hair growing back.  The restoration process took a few short months!
I can strongly recommend Dr. Alexander for anyone who is suffering from loss of self-confidence due to hair loss.