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My Father and his four brothers all were bald before their thirties. My father tried every product on the market to prevent his hairloss with no success. This cost him a small fortune and still left him bald. Therefore, when my hair started to thin, I resolved myself to the fact that I too would be bald before I was thirty.
I was in an advanced state of hair loss when a friend of mine, who had been successfully treated by Dr Alexander, told me about Dr Alexander's Hairloss clinic and told me about his excellent results in terms of hair recovery.
I sceptically went along to Dr Alexander's clinic, deciding that I would only try it for three months, and if I didn't see a result, I would not try anything else.
After only 2 months, I could already see an improvement, and people had begun to comment on my hair regrowth.
Dr Alexanders treatment is not only effective, it is also affordable.