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Iíve been an asset manager stock broker on the JSE for the last 16 years. I come in touch daily with many business associates, colleagues, and friends.

I felt that my hairloss was quite an embarrassment to me, being in the public eye so much.
A friendís wife recommended that I go and see Dr Alexander as she and her husband were both on treatment with Dr Alexander at the time and both of them were getting good results.

I saw Dr Alexander for the first time on 23 Oct 2000, very apprehensive and very sceptical.
Dr Alexander said that I would likely be a good respondent to his treatment and put me on a course of medical treatment consisting of tablets and topical lotions.

Within the first month, I was slightly disappointed because my hair seemed to be falling out more than before, but Dr Alexander had warned me that this may occur in the first one or two months and that it is often a good sign of an excellent result to come.

At my second appointment, Dr Alexander assured me to keep using the treatment as instructed, which I did. With this , I went overseas on holiday for three weeks.

On my return, friends and colleagues were all  astonished at the reversal of my hairloss.
As you can see from the photos, I have had an outstanding result, and my hair is getting
thicker by the week. I will continue using the treatment indefinitely.