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I never thought the day would come when I had a full head of hair!

For two and a half years I have suffered from Alopecia. What started as Alopecia Areata (small areas of hair loss on my scalp) throughout time turned into Alopecia Totalis (complete baldness).

I was in absolute shock and horror when I realised I was 23 years old and bald. For the first year of going through this I did not have answers to why this was happening to me, and more importantly, how I could stop it. I did not know where to turn as I had never heard of this happening to anyone before, let alone how to treat it. 

I met with numerous Dermatologists, Specialists and Doctors, who did not give me much encouragement and in turn disappointing results. Until I heard of Dr Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic, I was losing hope very quickly and thought I would be bald forever.

On our first consultation Dr Alexander explained the illness and how he would treat me with courses of injections that would help my hair grow. It was the answer I was looking for, a reason why I was losing my hair and how to get it back.

After having three courses of injections in approximately a year and a half, I am happy to say that today I have a full head of hair! Dr Alexander is a miracle worker. He had my best interests at heart and constantly gave me hope. 

I have never been so happy to finally have my confidence back and wonderful hair to enjoy again.

I definitely have Dr Alexander to thank for it all.