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Where to begin???? On 31 March 2006, I woke up to find that my pillow was covered in hair, my hair….. The strangest feeling sweeps over you, and every big medical term comes to mind.

Most GP's and house doctors assumed and jumped to conclude it was caffeine, NO nicotine, NO stress, and on and on.

I had to cut diet, change routine, shave my head and take special precautions so others will not be affected. My sister was the one to find a doctor in Pretoria (around March 2009) that eventually gave the right name…..Alopecia Areata.

They gave me pills to swallow every day, some days up to 7. This was unfortunately not my cup of tea and it was not delivering the results. Dr Alexander was consulted on 25 September 2009, a month before our wedding and he said that if we started the injections I might have some unwanted facial hair on the perfect day…

This was not what we had in mind!

After the wedding, on 08/01/2010 we started with 2ml injections. I chose to be brave and have it done without local anaesthetic. Please let nobody fool you… The needles are small and thin, but it still hurts till the last one. Fortunately I only got a SMALL mood swing now and again, but no other side effects whatsoever.

See, this is now my new motto, the result has to be worth the pain……

A picture says a thousand words, and truly it does. Just look at that, I have a full head of hair after just two sessions and a bit of time. I thank God for this miracle and that He sent me to Dr Alexander.

ith all my heart, Thank you and may God bless you Dr Alexander.