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My hair loss started in 2008 and I went from doctor to doctor not knowing the cause or how it should be treated.  I had blood tests, went to alternative health practitioners and to specialists. 

I was treated by a dermatologist and my hair grew back, although a few months later, it fell out again.  I went back to the dermatologist for treatment and my hair grew back, only to fall out again about a year later.  This time I lost all the hair on my body too.  I was completely devastated and was getting married soon, so I was desperate to have my hair loss sorted out.

I had heard of Dr Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic and I was able to get an appointment in October 2009. Dr. Alexander diagnosed me as having Alopecia Areata.  I started treatment immediately and about 3 months later only have 2 small patches on my head that don't have hair and they are getting smaller each day.   

I will still wear my wig for my wedding, but will be able to leave it at home for my island honeymoon a couple of months later.

Thanks Dr Alexander you've been an absolute life-saver!