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From 2004 my hair started falling out, first just in patches which would grow closed and another would appear.  These initial patches were all at the back of my scalp, and were very easy to cover, so I “ignored” them, hoping they would just eventually stop. 

From the beginning of 2009, the patches started getting bigger, were no longer growing closed and were now appearing in the front and sides of my scalp as well.  I tried all kinds of hair products, many of which guaranteed results, to no avail.  I tried “old wives tale” remedies, with no results.  The loss of hair, specifically when it is visible, is highly depressing and a huge knock to anyone's confidence.  I would be extremely self conscious if I had to be seen in public.

In August 2009 I consulted a dermatologist, who basically told me that the patches at the front of my scalp would have to grow smaller before she could treat them successfully, and even then she offered no guarantee.  She gave me oral medication which after a month and a half had no results.  She also told me that the lost hair at the back of my scalp would never grow back.

I decided that the only way to feel better about myself would be to buy a wig.  I bought a wig, but with the heat in Gauteng in October and November, could never quite get myself to wear it.  It was very hot and very uncomfortable.

I then heard of Dr Alexander through a friend and the internet, and decided to consult him for a second opinion.  The best decision of my life!

I saw Dr Alexander on 17 November 2009 for the first time.  He explained his method of treatment to me in detail, and answered many questions with much patience.  I was incredibly relieved, but was still expecting that the “punch line” would be a very hefty bill, (which I would have begged, borrowed or stolen if necessary).  What a pleasant surprise to find that the entire treatment would be very affordable and would not require any bank robberies!

I requested that he commence with treatment immediately.  He had given me new hope which I had  thought was long gone.  On 17 December 2009, exactly a month later, I saw the first signs of fine, baby soft hair growing on my very bald patches.  Christmas had come a week early for me.  

Since then my hair has continued to grow and fill more than 90% of my patches.  I am overjoyed, and look forward to a full head of hair once again.

I can highly recommend Dr Kevin Alexander and his treatment to any person who suffers with Alopecia Areata.

Thank you Dr Alexander.