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When I first went to Dr Alexander in August 2004, I was in a desperate situation.  I had been to many different doctors and tried all sorts of methods, lotions and potions to try and assist me with the devastating effects of hair loss.  

When I made my appointment, I was excited but also hesitant as to what results I could expect after having tried so many failed attempts.  

I started with Dr Alexander's regimen and I did start to notice a vast improvement in the quality and quantity of my hair within 3 months. This encouraged me to keep going and to stick with the treatments.  

By December 2004, I could not believe that such an improvement was possible and my self confidence started to pick up as I truly believed that there was hope after all.  I continued with the regimen and by May 2005 I felt like a different person and my hair looked it.  

As time moved on, I started to skip parts of the regimen and thought that as I had cured my hair loss problem that I did not need to be so careful with applications anymore.  Slowly, but gradually, my hair quality started to back-slide and my hair loss started all over again.  I was devastated and depressed by this.  I then decided to wear a wig to cover the problem and at least I wouldn't have to look at it.  

It took me a while to realise that if I wanted to maintain the quantity of hair that I had previously, I would need to return to Dr Alexander's Clinic and start his regimen again.  

The choice was simple: There is no cure for my hair loss problem and only maintenance of Dr.

Alexander's regimen would help me regain and keep my hair.  

Fortunately, I have responded very well again to the treatment and after starting with Dr Alexander's regimen again in March 2009, I am relieved to say that I can see such an improvement that I am nearly ready to ditch the wig!

It really is thanks to the dedication of Dr. Alexander that people who suffer from hair loss have a place to turn where help and solutions can be found. 

I know this because I had been everywhere else!