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I am a 28 year old female patient of Dr Alexander. My hair loss started at the age of 19.

I went to see a general practitioner who diagnosed my condition as relating to stress. He prescribed hormonal medication and Regain, 2%. I did see an improvement after about 6 months, but as soon as the condition improved, I stopped the treatment.

My hair loss 'appeared' again about every year. I then just used the medication again which did not really improve my condition as the years progressed. A couple of consultations with dermatologists also left me depressed with my bald head.

It just left me with less hair which was completely lifeless and extremely weak.

I then decided to seek help at the Advanced Hair Studio in 2008. This is a 6 month program which is extremely expensive and time consuming, but non-the-less, I was desperate, and tried it.

I lost so much hair during the first 4 months and after 6 months, there really wasn’t any improvement.

After suffering from Alopecia since I was 19 years old, Dr Alexander has been the first doctor that explained to me what Alopecia actually means.

Using his solution has improved my life and given me back the self-esteem and confidence that I lacked.