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The thinning of my hair has been something which has bothered me for a very long time. Friends of mine even began commenting on it which ultimately made me feel even worse about the state of my hair. After trying as many different products on the market as I could get (needless to say, none worked for me), I eventually gave up and tried hard to just accept the fact that my genetic history meant that I would go bald at a young age.

Attempting to accept it did not work and one day I was complaining about it to a friend of mine when he suggested I try Dr Alexander's Hair loss Clinic. I must admit, I was very sceptical to start out with, especially after spending so much time, energy, and resources on buying products that simply did nothing for me, but I took my friends word for it and decided to give it a try. After all, he had been a patient of Dr Alexander's for a bald spot on the back of his head, which he tried to show me but the hair has grown back so well that I could not see it at all.

I made my first appointment and was impressed by the way that Dr Alexander explained the 'condition' in great detail, helping me to understand the origins of the condition. It has been just over 3 months and the results are PHENOMENAL! Other people have even noticed that my hair is thicker and in great condition. The pictures we have been taking to note my progress is hard proof of just how brilliant the products really are.

I highly recommend that you try this treatment regime; I had given up and thought that there was no hope, until I saw Dr Alexander and began treatment. It is DEFINITELY worth it.