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I have suffered with hair loss since my High School years. In my university years, it slowly got worse and worse and started to become more and more noticeable. I really started to become ashamed of it.

I remember feeling so self-conscious about my lack of hair on my wedding day. It was devastating to me.

After the birth of our son, it really seemed to get a lot worse. I tried to cover it up by pinning my hair up. Eventually my hairdresser said I must go see Dr Alexander about it.

I have not looked back since. That was about 8 years ago. Dr Alexander's treatment has helped my hair grow back eautifully. I never believed I would ever have a full head of hair again. It has given me back my self-confidence and a positive self-image. Since I have hair again, I have enjoyed trying new hair styles that I could never have done before.

I have been on Dr. Alexander's hair loss treatment since March 2002.  I am very happy with how my hair volume has been sustained over all these years. I never feel self-conscious about my hair anymore.

Every three months, I go for a check-up appointment with Dr Alexander to continually monitor the effectiveness of the treatment, to make sure that the volume and condition of my hair is still being maintained. If necessary, Dr Alexander will adjust the treatment.

I haven't experienced any noticeable recession in my hair volume since beginning with the treatment.

It must be one of the worse things to lose your hair, as it is very much a part of your identity.

I sometimes wonder what if I had never gone to see Dr Alexander, where would I be today… Most likely wearing a hat or bandanna all the time!

I will forever be grateful to Dr Alexander for all he has done to help me.

Mrs. A M