Female Pattern Balness
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When I noticed how badly my hair was thinning, I was horrified, but when other people started noticing and commenting on it, I was mortified.

At that stage, I had no idea that there was any effective treatment and had no faith in the over-the counter products available at supermarkets. I was considering wigs and hats when I decided to search the internet for options. That is where I found Dr Alexander.

Since starting the treatment (only 3 months ago), there has been a marked improvement in the thickness of my hair. Not only that, but the all-round condition of my hair has improved amazingly. My hair is thicker, full of body, soft and shiny.

I cannot thank Dr Alexander enough – he has completely changed my life !

Kind Regards

Ms. J G

I had been noticing constant hair loss for the last couple of years - I almost got used to continually checking my clothes for strands of hair. The problem with gradual hair loss is that you don't really notice until it gets pointed out to you. 

Upon changing hairdressers about three years ago, my new hairdresser noted that she had a great range of shampoo, conditioner and tonic which would stop the hair loss and create new growth. It was only then that I started inspecting the top of my head and I was appalled at what I saw - I was going bald and could clearly see my scalp in certain areas!!

I used the product she recommended (Nisim) for more than a year, and saw a very slight improvement in the rate of hair loss. In the mean- time, I had visited my doctor for this reason, and it was discovered that my iron levels were too low. This was corrected but even after it had been right for seven months (and still using the above product), my hair still showed no improvement. So, I searched the internet and found Dr. Alexander's website!

It is now less than a year (8.5 months) since I first started using Dr. Alexander's products and the improvement is awesome!!  In fact - the difference after just three months was remarkable!

My hair pattern is back to normal and hair is now thicker and stronger than it's been for years, and generally in a much better condition.

So for you guys out there, reading this testimonial - YOU HAVE HOPE! These products really work - and fast! I would greatly recommend this to anybody, and it's easy to use - it only takes about 5 minutes daily!

Mrs K. B.

I saw Dr. Alexander for the first time in March 2008. I had lost my hair after having put on a weave.

It didn't look like it would grow back, especially not within 3 months and I was also scarred. My scalp was clean bald and in a very awkward place. 

Dr. Alexander had estimated to at least see growth after 6 months. It was a surprise to us both to see how rapidly the products worked.

Today, when I tell people what I went through, they think I'm over-exaggerating the condition I had!

It is COMPLETELY reversed....In 3 months!!!

Dr Alexander is a miracle worker!

Thank you,
Ms. G P

In December 2007 my twelve year old daughter started losing hair – to such an extent that the size of her pony tail halved.  

She started treatment with Dr Alexander in January 2008. Her hair is now thicker than it was in the first place, and the condition is amazing!

I would recommend this treatment for anyone. 

Thank you Dr Alexander.
Mrs.S. B.

I am a 36 year old female who has experienced significant thinning of my hair since my mid-twenties. I've tried many expensive shampoos & treatments over the years and nothing actually worked.

My hair loss created an immense amount of stress in my life and reached a point where I could think of nothing else.

While surfing the net, I came across Dr Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic in Bedfordview. The “before & after” pictures on his website gave me hope & I made an appointment with him immediately.

My first appointment with Dr Alexander was in May ‘08 and  now,  6 months down the line, I am pleased to say that I have grown back most of my hair!

My husband, family & friends have noticed the significant changes in my hair growth and frequently comment on it. My self confidence has been restored and I feel better about myself with each passing day.

I would like to thank Dr Alexander for his wonderful products, they definitely worked for me!

Ms. S R

One of the most important image boosters for me, was my hair…until it started thinning!  

I was completely de-motivated and I continuously stressed about it.  After numerous expensive and unsuccessful hair treatments I was desperate for any solution.

Desperately seeking “any treatment”, I stumbled across Dr Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic on the internet.  I never looked back after that! 

After JUST 4 MONTHS, I am ecstatic that I literally have a full crop of hair! I never thought that it will ever be possible to have thick hair again. 

“Thank you, Dr Alexander, firstly for such highly effective products, and secondly, for restoring my confidence.

Ms. V. A.

Dear Dr. Alexander,

This is my story:
I came to your clinic in desperation on the 1st of November 2006. 

I had experienced serious hair loss, (in fact my hair was falling out by the handfuls), and I had bald patches all over on the top and sides of my head. 

This was due to a number of reasons:  medication, stress, age, hereditary, (I think), because both my parents had hair loss in their mature years.

For a 61 year old female, who had always had a thick crop of hair, this was indeed very, very worrying.

Dr. Alexander saw me on the 1st of November 2006 and I must admit I was a bit skeptical as to how all the products would hang together.  I am a very determined person and went home to follow Dr. Alexander's instructions to the "T".

6 months later, and I am delighted (as my before and after photos prove)!

These products really do work. It needs perseverance though, and I still do it on a twice daily basis.

Thank you so much Dr Alexander, and may you continue to help desperate hair -losers like me!

Bless you and your practice,

Most sincerely,
Mrs J. A.

I used to have sleepless nights over the loss of my hair, as a woman's hair is her pride and joy.

My hair started falling out four or five years ago and I tried many different products, but to no avail.

Someone then told me about Dr. Alexander and I haven't looked back!

I noticed a difference after only 3 months. My hair started looking healthier and there was a lot of regrowth.

Thanks go to Dr. Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic.

I recommend Dr. Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic to all those who have hair problems.

Now, I can rest easy!

Mrs. Z. E.