Male Pattern Balness
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During my 20's I always had a good head of hair. This started thinning in my thirties and it became evident as I reached my 40's that my hair would only be around for a few more years. I had come to terms with losing my hair, but the practicalities of not having hair soon became evident as it started thinning.

At a family gathering, I then noticed my wife's brother in law sporting much thicker hair than previously. As we had always compared how we were progressing in the hair loss department, I enquired about this sudden improvement. He sent me details of Dr. Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic and I eventually made the time to get started.

The results have been very pleasing for me. After 3 months, there is a significant improvement and already worth all the effort. For me, any further improvement is a cherry on top. It now seems strange to come to terms with actually growing hair back again.

This is certainly a pleasant surprise when faced with all the other daily reminders that I am growing older.

Mr D.O.

I was informed about Dr Alexander's Hair Loss clinic through a friend who achieved excellent results with the treatment.

I visited Dr Alexander on 2 July 2007 as a pure sceptic and decided to give the treatment a go, after all what did I have to lose except more hair!

After 3 months, I am amazed at the marked difference and results that I have achieved through Doctor Alexander's treatment.

I look forward to the next 3 months.. and probably have to save up for proper haircuts again!

Mr A.C.

“Losing my hair to male pattern baldness was just not an option for me. I tried everything that I could lay my hands on. I spoke to everyone I thought that could help me. Each person obviously had their own ideas and remedies.

I probably wasted so much money on products that promise you the world, but couldn't even deliver results that I could see.

About six months ago I had had enough. I was desperate. I just couldn't believe that there was nothing I could do stop my hair loss. That's when an internet search brought me to Dr Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic.

When I saw the results on the website, I was convinced that I had found a solution. I went for a consultation and it took me a while to get into the habit of what product to use when, but when you are as desperate as I was, it was a small sacrifice for a huge return.

As you can see, in less than six months, I have shown amazing results and with that my self confidence has grown to levels I only had after school!

Nowadays I don't walk past a mirror and the first thing I see is my bald patches. No, I look at the new me and thrive on my new found confidence, all thanks to Dr. Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic”

Mr. S K