Dr Kevin Alexander is a qualified medical doctor, who graduated from the Medical School of the University of The Witwatersrand , Johannesburg, in 1988. 

He has an intense interest in the subject of hair loss, and has travelled extensively to pursue this interest. 

He has been treating hair loss successfully in both  men and women for more than ten years now, using

prescription-only, scientifically-proven medication, specific for the different causes of hair loss. 

He is only interested in using medicines on his patients which have a sound scientific basis, which have been thoroughly tested in Clinical trials worldwide, and which have been proven to be effective and to be safe to use. Certain of the medicines which he uses are gender-specific.

Upon closure of the Alopecia Clinic in 1993, all Alopecia Clinic patient files were transferred to Dr Alexander's practice. 

In 1998, Dr Alexander opened his Hair Loss Clinic, to run side-by-side with his general medical practice in Johannesburg. Dr Alexander's Hair Loss Clinic has been a great success due to its outstanding results and it has gone from strength to strength. Patients from all corners of  the world have made the journey to Johannesburg to consult with Dr Alexander. Dr Alexander is presently mailing his medicines to patients with whom he has consulted in even the most remote parts of South Africa. 

Dr Alexander's patients range from young children through to the very elderly, and he treats men and women in equal proportion. Hair Loss occurs in all populations, and so Dr Alexander treats patients from every racial group.

Dr Alexander is frequently consulted on hair issues by Radio 702 and has been interviewed a number of times on Radio 702 and other radio stations. He is also an expert consultant on hair-related topics for both Men's Health and Longevity magazines. He has been quoted in numerous articles on hair-related issues in various publications. He has appeared on numerous television shows such as E TV's "Mainly For Men" and SABC's "Health-wealth". A few years ago, he was interviewed by his colleague Dr Michael Mol for SABC TV3's "Top Billing" show. More recently, Dr Alexander has appeared on E TV’s “Morning Edition”, DSTV Kyknet’s “Leefstyl” , SABC TV2’s "Weekend Live and Hola Ha Monate" ,and he has appeared twice on SABC TV3’s “3 Talk”.

A Note from Dr. Kevin Alexander

"I graduated in December 1988 from the Medical School of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, with the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. (M.B.B.Ch.) 

My elective training in 1987 was done in Australia. 

I completed my year of internship in 1989 at Johannesburg Hospital, Parktown. This year was spent in the professorial units of Prof. Bothwell and Prof. Myburgh. 

In 1990, I lectured on the subject of Anatomy and Physiology, before travelling abroad. I travelled extensively throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Scandinavia. During this time, I gained valuable experience and learnt many new techniques, covering a broad spectrum of medical topics, including the treatment of hair loss. 

On my return to South Africa, I gained general practice experience, working as a locum or as an assistant in various busy practices, before starting my own private medical practice in August 1992. 

My main field of interest has always been the successful treatment of hair loss in both men and women, and from my earliest days in practice until today, my best source of referrals has always been the patients whom I have treated successfully with this problem. 

In 1993, upon closure of The Alopecia Clinic, I took over the management of all The Alopecia Clinic patients. 

The field of research regarding the medical treatment of hair loss, is one which I find both challenging  and exciting, and it is a field in which great strides have been made in the last few years. 

It was these strides which led to the discovery of new and effective medical treatments, and ultimately to better results with the patients that I was treating.

In 1998,when the results that I was achieving in my hair loss patients started to astound even me, I decided that the time was right to open my own Hair Loss Clinic which would specialize in the medical treatment of all types of hair loss conditions in men and women.