Stopping and Restarting Treatment

Male, Age : 34 - 36
Initial treatment: 12th July 2002 - 7 October 2002; Restarted treatment: 8th May 2004 - 4th February 2006 (treatment ongoing).

This patient illustrates the point that medical treatment for hair loss is not a cure but a control. He started treatment in July 2002 and got a great result, growing most of his hair back within three months. After about 6 months, he decided to leave medical treatment to try laser therapy which he had been told would be a permanent "cure". Having been disappointed at the results of laser therapy, he returned for medical treatment in May of 2004, (18 months after having left it). By this time, he had lost his medical result and gone back to square one again. Fortunately his second course of medical treatment was just as successful as the first and he grew all his hair back a second time! Needless to say, he continues with medical treatment to this day and has maintained his excellent hair regrowth result.

Female, Age : 38 - 41
Initial treatment: 11th February 2005 - 7th February 2006; Restarted treatment: 28th January 2008 - 11th August 2008 (treatment ongoing).